The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in collaboration with the PUM Netherlands Senior Experts provide training and coaching to poultry entrepreneurs under the Andandorr Programme. With this support, twenty emerging and expanding poultry enterprises in The Gambia are planning to enhance their poultry management. The participants have now started to go through a 10-weeks intensive online course.

The course covers various important aspects of poultry farming, such as poultry housing, types of chicken breed, brooding, feed management, common poultry diseases, vaccination, monitoring and data recording. The training is segmented into two levels, introductory and advanced poultry management.

“Today’s training was really educative and interesting since recording plays a key role in any business. It helps you to know where you stand as an entrepreneur. It is ideal to know the weight of your birds, including the feed intake. I have always been wondering about it. Am glad to have a better understanding and knowledge of this now.“ Participating poultry entrepreneur

Participants will receive support from the Andandorr regarding of business development, packaging, quality training, market linkages, and access to finance. In addition to the online course, participants receive one-on-one coaching to gain practical knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and grow their poultry businesses. This includes mentorship from both local and international business leaders in the industry.

Concluding the training and coaching will allow poultry entrepreneurs to enhance their technical skills to develop strategies needed to succeed in the poultry industry.

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