On 08 October 2020, The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) hosted an exciting virtual event on how SMEs in emerging markets can get their business online. Matarr Jobe, CEO & CTO of Sellox Inc., gave an expiring talk on why online sales matter. Based on vivid examples, he explained how to get the first products online and what aspects are most important for success online.

Sellox is a Gambian start-up providing an e-commerce platform, trying to redefine the market space in emerging markets. Founded four years ago in The Gambia, the company helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Africa to succeed. Their platform aims at solving problems of SMEs with going online by offering an integrated e-commerce solution, including infrastructure for payments.

Matarr Jobe, CEO & CTO of Sellox says: “More and more people are online, more and more people in Africa do their transactions online. If people want to buy something, they might not have the time to go and look for it. As customer, I just want to look at my phone and find out what I want and where I can get it. This is basically what we are providing with our platform.”

Matarr Jobe gave an inspiring talk about growing trends in the e-commerce industry. Moreover, the interactive workshop introduced participating entrepreneurs to the first steps to get their products to customers from all around the world. Subsequently, the webinar provided space to discuss questions from participating entrepreneurs. According to Sellox, cosmetics such as skin care and fashion products are currently most successful on their platform in terms of exports. The service provider further observes a growing interest in agribusiness products such as tea. Many opportunities to take advantage of are approaching!

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