Twenty enterprises under the Andandorr Program participated on a product photography training delivered by the Expert Photographer Lena Nian, founder of Lena Photography. The training was conducted from August 17 to September 11, 2020.

The objective of the training was to allow participants to improve the quality of their products, especially during the pandemic, where digital marketing becomes the new normal. Within a month, participants received training specifically on Introduction to phone photography, lighting, framing, composition, set design and editing skills. Also, they received one-on-one coaching, coupled with practical group feed sessions to ensure that everyone captured the best quality pictures using their smartphone with the hope of increasing online sales.

When you are shooting, you should focus on a theme, consider who you are selling to and what impression you want to communicate to your potential clients” insisted Lena Nian during the closing session of the training.

Fatou Khan Jallow who participated on the course provided her feedback during the wrapping session: “The training was great. Before, I was not very good on product shooting and I did not care a lot about the details. After the course, I am able to take good pictures taking into account the background and light. People started asking me about the pictures and who was taking them”.

This training is part of a wider support provided under the Andandorr Programme and will allow participants to better showcase their brands and create an image of their companies to be able to sell successfully online.

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