“A good business is run by an entrepreneur in the right state of mind and good health, you want to be that entrepreneur - stay safe, stay home and protect yourself and your love ones."

This is the main message that goes out every evening on a live radio talk show and reaches youth across North, Central, Upper and Lower Bank Regions. The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC) produces the radio show. The Chamber is an umbrella body and voice of young entrepreneurs in The Gambia - a trade support organisation that empowers young entrepreneurs and help improve their earnings.

Since the creation of GYCC, YEP has supported the Chamber and helped establish its regional chapters. The rural reach has helped with creating awareness among 500 young fishermen, vegetable growers and processors traders at ferry crossings and in rural markets. At the same time, GYCC helps assess the impact of the crisis on young entrepreneurs and works towards solutions that protect health while allowing commerce to continue and keeping young entrepreneurs in business.

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