Implementation is the execution of activities outlined in the Youth and Trade

Roadmap plan of actions while implementation management is the set of all functions necessary for the

management of implementation of those activities.

YEP provides targeted advisory support and capacity-building training in implementation management

techniques, along with the necessary tools to effectively manage resources and implement the

Entrepreneurship Plan of Actions.

The Entrepreneurship core team is composed of members from the public and private organizations

including a chairperson, who is elected for one year. The core team meetings are scheduled once every

three months throughout the years of implementation of the Youth and Trade Roadmap.

The Entrepreneurship core team will use the web-based interface to:

     - Monitor the implementation of the Plan of Action of the Youth and Trade Roadmap ;

     - Analyze and disseminate information on planned activities and projects in in the sector;

     - Add or retrieve relevant information on implementation progress, new projects, engagement modalities;

     - Disseminate and archive information on sector Roadmap implementation;

     - Identify synergies among projects and partners before and during implementation.

The Plan of Action of the Youth and Trade Roadmap can be download in Excel format. By using the

Excel filter, it is possible sort activities according to their status: completed, under completion, or