Gambia Horticultural Enterprises (GHE) with support from The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is offering an 9-week on-the-job training programme in agro-processing for Gambian youth.

The training programme will be highly participatory with both theory and practical elements, including classroom, workshop, factory and field work. The training programme will be conducted in English, Wolof or Mandinka depending on the preference of trainees. All materials and equipment required for the training programme will be provided.

The programme includes a 1-week training on entrepreneurship and business skills.

Trainees will receive a stipend during the course of the training. For the Agro-processing Training Programme, the stipend will be D 5,000 for youth from GBA and D 9,000 for youth from all other regions.

Successful trainees will be able to apply for start-up support after completion of the training.

Selection Criteria

• Must be Gambian

• Must be aged 18-35

• No prior experience is necessary but applicants must demonstrate a strong interest and desire to undertake the training.

• Rural youth, returnees and school leavers are particularly encouraged to apply. A minimum of 50% rural youths will be selected.

Application Process

Application Forms are available at all Regional Agricultural Offices, all GHE outlets and training centers, and online on the YEP Portal. You can download it here.

This form should be filled, printed, signed, and submitted to one of the following locations

• The Regional Agricultural Office in your region

• The GHE Office at 16 Mamadi Manjang Highway, Old Jeshwang

Alternatively, the form can be scanned and sent by email to and


Application Deadline: Monday 28 May 2018 at 11.59 pm.


For any enquiries, please contact: or