The  “Andandorr Programme“ 

The “Andandorr” Programme is a pilot entrepreneurship programme jointly implemented by key entrepreneurship stakeholders in The Gambia. The objective of “Andandorr” is to strengthen the ecosystem through enhanced collaboration and compliments the different institutions and training services providers. The programme follows a maturity-model for bespoke service provision for local entrepreneurs operating in five sectors; ICT, Agric Business, Poultry, Fashion, and Creative Industries various business development stages.

The programme aims to provide effective and tailored support for a small number of highly promising young entrepreneurs, while simultaneously strengthening the Gambian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The programme also seeks to support government efforts in creating sustainable enterprises to spore employment and wealth creation as enshrined in the National Development Plan.

Objectives of this assignment 


The purpose of this assignment is to help enhance overall brand visibility of the Andandorr Programme.  Also, to help promote the brand identity of the programme beneficiaries by contributing to the preparation of all communication materials, including flyers and videos, etc.


Scope of Services

The service provide will work under the direct supervision of the Associate Entrepreneurship Adviser for YEP and the overall guidance of the YEP Project Coordinator. (S) he/ will undertake the following activities:

  • Create a Professional photo gallery and product catalogue for the 90 supported Andandorr. These materials to be used in designing flyer, social media and other uses.
  • An Andandorr Service Directory.
  • Design a total 35 flyers/profiles for events such as masterclass, seminars, forums etc. The content of the flyer will be shared at least a week prior to the event.
  • Film, edit & shoot 2 videos (3 mins) highlighting success stories of beneficiaries. This video will be available both online as well as through social media and selected applications like WhatsApp.
  • Create and script a mini documentary (8-12mins) highlighting the impact of the first phase of the pilot on entrepreneurs as well as on their businesses

Timeline for Service Delivery


  • Professional photo gallery and product catalogue for the 90 supported Andandorr by 31st October 2020
  • Produce An Andandorr Service Directory by 31st August 2020
  • Create total of 35 flyers when needed
  • Produce the 1st success story video by 15th October 2020
  • Produce the 2nd success story video by 10th December 2020
  • Produce the mini documentary by 30th December 2020 


  • 6 months from July- 31st December 2020


  • Possible travel to up country (ITC will pay for DSA and transport)

Terms and Conditions of payment 


  • The service provider to send a technical and financial  proposal that include cost for all the services mentioned
  • Service will be paid upon completion of each of the assignment and approval from ITC

Submission and Deadline

All technical and financial proposal should be submitted to with the subject “Andandorr Visibility Proposal” on or before the 19th July, 2020 at 10pm (GMT). Candidates whose proposal are considered will be further contacted.