YEP includes an IT and Digital Entrepreneurship component aiming at developing the IT sector with a focus on tech start-ups and enterprises in the Gambia.

This component includes a one-year tech start-up support programme that will onboard 25 Gambian tech start-ups. The start-ups will be segmented based on to their level of maturity and will benefit from the following services according to their categorization:

1.         Growth Phase: post-revenue, targeting new markets, new products

2.         Entrepreneurship Phase: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) confirmed, customer acquisition and retention ongoing

3.         Ideation Phase: research and implementation of a market-oriented solution - earliest stage

➔   Early-stage tech start-ups will receive a blend of online and onsite training and targeted coaching on different topics related to building and further developing their business.

➔   More advanced start-ups will have access to opportunities in the form of local and international start-up events and competitions, to develop both their business and connect them with potential investors.


As a relevant tech startup, you have to:

➔   Use technology as a core enabling factor (e-commerce is included)

➔   Have been launched within the last 2 years - ideally

➔   Be for-profit - but you can also have a social impact - mention it in your application!

Please apply by filling out this form. The deadline for applications is 2 February 2019.