The International Trade Centre through the Youth Empowerment Project is offering a bespoke training delivered by two expert British Canoeing trainers for upskilling and qualifying women and youth (15-35) interested in acquiring paddle sports technical skills to become kayak tour guides and/or coaches to train others to become guides. 

The programme will also provide further development in soft skills such self-confidence, leadership, communication and problem-solving abilities.

The training is available to 20 to become guides and 5 to become coaches. The main areas of training are:

-Personal Skills Development

-Safety and Rescue Training

-Leadership and Guiding Training

Training dates are January 20-30 in Janjanbureh. Food, transportation and group accommodation will be provided as needed. There is some flexibility to some not able to attend all days. Five kayak and equipment is available to those who can present a short business plan and complete the training. 

To apply: