SOS Childrens Village’s The Gambia Trust is a non-governmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children's rights and committed to children's needs and concerns since 1982. Focussing its work on children without parental care and children in families in difficult circumstances, the organisation has a wide range of programmes which include Children's Villages, Youth Facilities, Family Strengthening Programmes, Kindergartens, Schools, a Mother and Child Clinic, Vocational Training Centres, Community Empowerment and Women Empowerment for Change projects, a Sustainable Nutrition Improvement Project and Youth Empowerment projects.

Hermann-Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland (HGFD) and SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia agreed upon the development of a joint application to the German Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) for public funding of a project with the overall objective to reduce Child Rights violations at the Bakoteh dumpsite.

SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia is looking for a Consultant to carry out a pre-feasibility study in the communities of Manjai and Bakoteh to provide SOS Gambia with a basis for decision making on what type of interventions, services and activities are feasible within the planned project, in the best interest of the target group. The Consultant should go strictly by the stipulated Terms of Reference.


The pre-feasibility study is required in the identification phase of this project to ensure all problems of the target group are identified, alternative solutions are appraised and the preferred solution meets the defined criteria. The study will provide SOS Gambia and HGFD with sufficient information to justify acceptance, modification or rejection of the proposed intervention for further formulation.

The pre-feasibility study will have the following objectives:

  • Assess the planned infrastructure components.
  • Assess the planned project activities.
  • Assess the overall context.

Time Line:

This assessment is proposed to take place within approximately 30 working days, between March and April 2020, and should be completed by 24 April 2020.

Expected Results (please see ToR for details):

  • Desk review of relevant documents and reports.
  • Field Study and data collection.
  • Presentation of first draft report to SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia for review and feedback.
  • Presentation of final draft report (minimum 25 pages, excluding annexes).
  • Submission of final report.

The consultant must have:

  1. A social science background, e.g. higher education in social work, psychology, social-pedagogy, community development, and law is of advantage.
  2. A thorough understanding of environmental and/or social studies.
  3. Proven competence and experience in conducting social research.
  4. Be well acquainted with the core SOS policy documents, especially the ones related to child protection.
  5. A good understanding of development work and partnerships.
  6. Good facilitation and interpersonal skills.
  7. Strong analytical and conceptual skills.
  8. Excellent written and communication skills.
  9. Ability to transfer complex concepts / ideas into practical and simple language.
  10. Ability to write clear and concise reports (examples of previous reports may be requested).
  11. Ability to manage time and resources and to work on time.
  12. Fluent in English; mastery of local languages would be an added advantage.

Application for the pre-feasibility study should contain the following information:

  • Name and contact details of an individual expert(s) and description of previous evaluation experiences.
  • Introduction.
  • Pre-feasibility study objectives.
  • Description of the methodology (including the target groups; description of quantitative and qualitative research methods that will be used; description of sampling and size of sample etc.).
  • Proposal on how the project team will be involved in the study.
  • Description of Product(s) (deliverables).
  • Time schedule of activities (a time schedule should be prepared for each element of the work plan and of the reporting requirements).
  • Composition of research team (for each expert proposed, a curriculum vitae should be submitted along with the proposal).
  • Costs.
  • 2 references.

Contract Details:

The contract price will be fixed, based on the financial offer and contract negotiations, regardless of changes in your cost components. The consultant is responsible for all costs (e.g. travel, bank transfer, accommodation, flights, interpretation, material supplies, etc.). Upon request and approval by the National Director, SOS The Gambia will provide a vehicle and office space if necessary.

Payment will be 25% upon signing of the contract, 25% after submission of the draft and presentation of findings, and 50% after submission and approval of the final report.

SOS Children’s Villages is committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment, which promotes its core values, and prevents and addresses child abuse and exploitation. We strongly condemn all forms of child abuse and exploitation, be it within or outside of our organisation, and always respond to any case of proven, alleged or attempted abuse within our sphere of influence according to its nature. Efforts ensure that mechanisms are in place to raise awareness, aid prevention, encourage reporting and ease response. They range from human resource development actions such as training and counselling to measures such as suspension, dismissal, and legal action.


How to apply               


More details in the terms of reference here

If you are unable to open the link to the terms of reference, please request them at: **

Please submit your applications to The Closing date for submission of applications is 16 March 2020