The Consultant will work under the overall supervision of the YEP Project Manager and the direct supervision of the YEP Tech component leader. The Consultant will be tasked with the following duties:


Directory design


·       Design the 2020 Start-up Directory that displays the profiles of the 2020 startup cohort with infographics, pictures and other graphic elements

·       Directory details: A5 format: around 27 pages for 15 startups ( may be revised during the process)

·       Content for the company profiles are provided by ITC.

·       Deliver the directory in three formats: 


(i)                  Web-optimized PDF;

(ii)                High resolution, print ready PDF with margins;

(iii)               Adobe InDesign or EPS (editable files)

  • 1.       Web-optimized pdf version of the directory - Mid August
  • 2.       High resolution, print ready PDF version of the directory - Mid August 
  • 3.       Adobe InDesign or EPS version of the directory - Mid August 


  • One (1) month of engagement

Terms and Conditions of payment 


  • The service provider to send a technical and financial  proposal that include cost for all the services mentioned
  • Service will be paid upon satisfactorily completion of the assignment and approval from ITC/YEP leads

Submission and Deadline

To apply, please send (before 15 July):. All offers (technical and financial) including Portfolio comprising already developed designs such as flyers, directories, or related graphic material should be submitted to yep@intracen.org with the subject “Tech Start-up Directory Design” on or before the 16th July, 2020 at 10pm (GMT).