Summary of Opportunity 

Programme Start Date: 8th September 2018

Duration: 6 months 

Target number of mentees: 100 youth (50 men and 50 women) 


- Conduct weekly mentoring sessions 

- Participate in monthly review meetings 

- Through the programme, provide mentees support in:

  • Understanding business ecosystem
  • Banking and finance
  • Application of grants and loans
  • Business Management


Participation to the Youth Mentorship Programme is opened to anyone who has:

  • Proven track record in successfully running a business
  • Previous experience or ability to provide business coaching
  • Business venture or is trained on venture creation subjects by any recognised training programme
  • Interest in supporting rural youth in their business development activities by providing relevant and accurate advice and information 


There are two ways to apply to become a mentor. 

1. Fill out the physical application form from the GYIN Gambia Office (at Churchill's Town) or all GYIN Regional Youth Chapters. Return the completed forms to GYIN Office, GYIN Regional Youth Chapters or YEP Office. 

2. Fill out this online form

The Application deadline for either method is 27th August 2018 (MONDAY). 


For questions and further information, please contact GYIN through the following numbers +220 3938929/ 6181700/9941188 or