The “Andandorr Programme” is a pilot entrepreneurship programme jointly implemented by key entrepreneurship stakeholders in The Gambia. The objective of “Andandorr” is strengthen the ecosystem through enhanced collaboration and complementarities among different institutions and training services providers. The programme follows a maturity-model for bespoke service provision for local entrepreneurs which are different business development stages.

 By assigning support offerings from different institutions to levels of maturity and sequencing them, the programme aims to give entrepreneurs more clarity on where to find what type of support and to allow the institutions to better synergise and reduce duplication. At the core of the programme stands the idea of partnership (Andandorr): Partnership between the implementing partners of the programme in developing the pilot, selecting participants, and running the programme; as well as between the participating entrepreneurs, who are expected to participate in networking with the other Andandorr entrepreneurs, support one another and seek business collaborations. The  programme concept is attached in Annex I.

The role of the Entrepreneurship Consultant

The National Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Associate Programme Officer at the Office for Africa in Geneva, and under overall supervision of YEP Project Coordinator at the ITC Gambia Office. The consultant will undertake the following duties:

  • Coordinate the Implementation of the Andandorr Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Support each of the implementing partners of the programme to develop their components, providing advice on programme content and organisation, as well as identifying synergies with other partners and potential gaps;
  • Support implementing partners in developing budgets for implementing their programme components and provide inputs for memoranda of understanding;
  • Coordinate the organisation of the Andandorr Launch event;
  • Coordinate the call for applications and the joint selection of entrepreneurs through the implementing partners and ITC;
  • Coordinate the on-boarding of selected entrepreneurs and the development of their tailored programmes;
  • Provide recommendations for the evolution of the programme.


  • Coordinate the Review and Finalisation of Entrepreneurship Tools
  • Coordinate the review of Youth Business Profiles through key entrepreneurship stakeholders, sector experts, and entrepreneurs;
  • Finalize the Youth Business Profiles based on inputs from stakeholders, experts, and entrepreneurs;
  • Coordinate the review of the Guide to Start a Business through key entrepreneurship stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and other experts;
  • Finalize the Guide to Start a Business based on inputs from stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and experts;
  • Support the organisation of events to validate and launch the tools.


  • Knowledge of the Gambian entrepreneurship ecosystem;
  • Knowledge of entrepreneurship support institutions and their programmes;
  • Expertise in entrepreneurship and business development;
  • Good coordination skills;
  • Good organisational skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Good drafting, writing and editing skills;
  • Excellent command of English;


An undergraduate Degree (BA/BSc)


Minimum 2 years of professional experience in (youth) entrepreneurship or enterprise support, including with entrepreneurship support institutions. Experience managing partnerships and organising events. Experience implementing and/or coordinating youth-focused entrepreneurship support programmes is desirable.


Fluent in English and Wolof. Knowledge of other Gambian languages is an asset.

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