The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is currently supporting several youth poultry farmers and the number of new beneficiaries is growing.

However, the youth in poultry industry face various challenges mainly due to their limited experience and knowledge in the poultry industry. In order to enhance their knowledge and widen their experiences of the good practices and opportunities along the entire value chain it is deem necessary to go on a study tour in Senegal which has a far more advanced poultry sector than the Gambia.

Study Tour objectives are:

i)          To learn and observe how the Senegalese commercial poultry business is managed

ii)         To see all the activities along the poultry value chain and learn from the good practices

Eligibility criteria:

1. Must be a Gambian youth between 15-35 years of age

2. Must be operating your own poultry farm or poultry related business for at least 6 months

3. Must be ready to share your experience with other youth

4. Must be willing to write and present a report of your experience at the end of the study tour

5. Experience of poultry training will be an added advantage

Interested youth can collect application forms, fill and submit by 30th April 2019 at 16:00

Completed applications can be submitted at the YEP office or through Regional YEP Representatives in Kerewan (Sheriffo Mboge Tel: 3775914), Soma (Mustapha Manneh Tel: 3160398) and Janjanbureh  (Muhammed Saidykhan Tel: 3646208) or via email to

Interested applicants can also apply directly by completing and submitting this form: