Broad and Specific Objective

The objective of the call for proposal is to identify recognised training providers, associations and contractors to train 25 youth and women on Compressed Stabilised Earth Block Production and Masonry in Kotu (Kanifing Municipality) with the view to create sustainable jobs.

More specifically, the training aims to:

  • Deliver technical skills and expertise needed for CSEB production and masonry including the best practices in conventional and sustainable building practices.
  • Train potential trainees on occupational health and safety so as to be prepared to adequately protect themselves and other people during site works.
  • Facilitate on the job learning experience for the youth and Women either during the training or after the training

  • Deliverables 

The successful training provider shall provide the following services:

  • Master timetable and training plan
  • 25 youth and women recruited and Trained in GBA (Kotu Park)
  • Submit a final report within 2 weeks after completion of the training
  • Successfully train 25 youth/women in CSEB production and masonry.

The successful bidder must deliver the training according to the approved NAQAA modular curriculum. The training sessions shall be conducted in both English and local languages considering the educational levels of potential participants. See table Below


Nr of Trainees

Training Place




  • Required Qualifications and experience

Interested training providers must address the following minimum requirements, qualifications, staff experience and capabilities in their technical proposal:

  • A suitability statement including CV of participating trainer (s) with details of qualifications and experience
  • Contacts of a organization that recently contracted you to carry out a similar training
  • Two years experience working with CSEB production and masonery
  • Trainer must hold a certificate in CSEB production and masonery from a recognise institution
  • Trainers who are registered members of the Earth Builders’ Association will have an added advantage

  • Submission of technical and financial proposal

Interested training providers should bid for all the required scope of work and the submission must include:

  • A detailed breakdown of the costs to perform the different activities divided by main category (e.g. training fees, training materials, raw materials and consumables, catering,student stipend/ transport refund,). Please note that your quotation should be limited to only 25 students and should be inclusive of related logistical and administrative cost.
  • Technical proposal that will explain how the objectives and expected deliverables will be delivered together with the proposed methodology
  • Work-plan clearly indicating the activity schedule
  • Training should be competed within a maximum period of three weeks

  • Application Process and Deadline for Submission 

Interested training providers are requested to submit proposal (technical and financial) and all required documents by 9th July 2021 – 11pm GMT to