RFQ: Supervision of the Construction for Farafenni Lumo and Refurbishment for Jarra Soma Youth Center  

About International Trade Centre (ITC)

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, focusing on developing the export capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses in developing and transition economies. ITC projects and programmes contribute to the global efforts to achieve UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Aid for Trade agenda. ITC works at three levels:

Strengthening the integration of the business sector of developing countries and economies in transition into the global economy,

Improving the performance of trade and investment support institutions for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enhancing the abilities of trade support institutions to support them better,

Improving the international competitiveness of SMEs.

About the Project – Migration Multi Partner Trust Fund Joint Programme 

The three-year project is funded by the Migration Multi Partner Trust Fund. The joint programme aims to mitigate migration challenges and improve the cross-border environment along the Senegambia bridge (in Jarra West and Upper Baddibou districts) by enhancing border posts to pre-empt situations of vulnerability, strengthening the capacity of border authorities, increasing awareness among women and youth of their rights, and strengthening skills and livelihood opportunities for women and youth. The programme is focused on the Trans-Gambia transport corridors and connects localized support measures in border communities with the broader national development agenda. It addresses the challenges of security, safety, and prosperity in a novel approach through interlinked initiatives with central government, local government, private sector, and civil society associations.


ITC in partnership with North Bank Regions’ Governor’s Office and National Youth Council is supporting the construction of an Modern Lumo, and refurbishment of Jarra Soma Youth Center in Farafeni and Jarra Soma respectively. The construction of both sites will last for eight months beginning May 2024.

Scope of the assignment 

ITC invites interested companies to forward their quotations for the supervision of construction of the Modern Lumo and Refurbishment of Jarra Soma Youth Center. The assignment involves the following task:

  • The firm will administer the construction contract and ensure that the works are constructed in accordance with the provisions of the construction contract.
  • Verify and certify the setting out/initiation of works, concreting, building, roofing, and tiling of the two buildings in relation to the design to ensure correct position, level, or alignment and quality of both materials and workmanship.
  • Inspect and test all materials and works to ensure compliance with specifications and giving immediate notice to the contractor if such materials and works fail to comply with the specifications.
  • Carry out supervision of construction works at site, quality control, and progress monitoring.
  • Ensure that the construction activities are in line with the contractor’s contract and workplan.
  • Attend progress review meetings called by ITC and submit updates if required on project progress and issues.
  • Verify whether all plumbing, electricity and from the sites met the quality specifications as in the BOQ
  • Advise on specific problems/issues related to quality of construction, as and when such problems are detected and brought to notice. Inform ITC of any instances of non-conformity/non-compliance of construction parameters (e.g., materials, workmanship, specification).
  • Facilitate and conduct joint final inspection(s) of the completed works along with the ITC and other partners and prepare a statement of exceptions for any works which may remain to be completed as well as a safety audit, prior to handover of the site.

Download the terms of reference in the downloadable for more information. 

Quotes must be submitted no later than 02 May 2024 before 6 PM local time. Quotes can be sent by mail to yusupha.keita@intracen.org and cc ygai@intracen.org.