The "Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for Women and Youth in The Gambia" Programme funded by the 11th European Development Fund and contributes to stabilizing the economic, social and security situation of the country during the democratic transition by facilitating social inclusion and employment of the youth and women, with a specific emphasis on promoting gender equality and addressing climate change. The overall intervention logic for the project includes three complimentary result areas:

  • Green and climate-resilient local investments through "cash-for-work" and procurement to local MSMEs (under the LoCAL mechanism
  • Skills development programmes
  • Improved access to finance

The scope of ITC's support focuses on improving the relevance, effectiveness and accessibility of vocational and technical training to enhance employability and job creation. The target beneficiaries are youth and women in the rural Gambia (North Bank Region, Lower River Region and Central River Region). The program also supports the government in providing strategic direction and coordination at the national and regional level for a market-oriented TVET system, strengthening training providers' capacity and effectiveness of their services, and supporting the roll-out of training opportunities for youth and women.

Following the 7th July 2021 windstorm that affected households and TVET facilities in North Bank Region, the ITC is soliciting a service provider to repair/fix the roofing of a dormitory block and replace and restore the water tank at Njawara Agricultural Training Center.

Specific Objective

The support's objective is to replace and restore the water tank and repair the roofing of dormitory block one at Njawara Agricultural Training Center.

Scope of work 

Njawara Agricultural Training Center is one of the major TVET centres in the North Bank Region, delivering training in Agriculture and climate change. The centre is also widely used as a hub for many organizations to deliver training programs to youth and women in rural Gambia. Unfortunately, the centre has been badly hit by the windstorm, and it has forced the centre to put all its services on hold.

To curtail this challenge, given the strategic role of the centre in skills development in the Gambia, ITC intends to support the centre to replace and restore the water tank and repair the dormitories quickly so that the centre can be up running again. To this background, ITC seeks the service of the contractor to facilitate the following,

  • Replacement and restoration of the 2000lt water tank
  • Repair and fix a dormitory block (Block 1)

Deliverables and brief detail of the current situation:

  • The water tank replaced and restored. Fallen water tank from stand to be removed and replaced with a new one with necessary accessories and the (top posts and railings) to be fixed
  • Block One dormitory roof to be fixed/repaired. This will require changing of roofing sheets, roof purlins and fascia boards and changing of the ceiling.

Required Qualifications and experience

  • Interested contractors must meet the following minimum requirements :
  • Proven experience in conducting similar assignments
  • Must have at least three years experience working in the construction sector
  • Must be a Gambian company.

Submission of technical and financial proposal

Interested contractors should bid for all the required scope of work, and the submission must include:

  • A detailed breakdown of the costs to perform the assignment in the form of a quote as per the BOQ in the annexe below.

Application Process and Deadline for Submission 

Interested training providers are requested to submit a proposal (mini technical and financial) and all required documents by 15th September 2021 – 11 pm GMT to