What is it about?

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment is collaborating with International Trade Centre (ITC) in the implementation of SheTrades Gambia project. As part of the activities of the project the Ministry is closely working with National Association of Cooperative Credit Union of The Gambia (NACCUG) for the launch of SheTrades Grant for the selected SheTrades Gambia companies.

The mini-grant scheme aims to tackle the problem of access to capital, identified as one of the most pressing bottlenecks faced by youth entrepreneurs to set up and grow their businesses. It will give SheTrades companies the opportunity to have access to finance in order to strengthen their business capacities and investment. Gambian women, participating in the SheTrades programme, with a solid business plan can apply for the grants.

What is it for?

The aim of the scheme is to facilitate acquisition of equipment, materials, and licences and other business critical inputs and assets for start-ups and individuals setting up their businesses and already established small-scale businesses for expanding their business or venturing in a new field. The maximum eligible amount is GMD 250,000 which will only be disbursed in case of outstanding applications and thorough reasoning. We encourage you to apply for an average of GMD 50,000 to facilitate acquisition of machinery and equipment, (raw) materials, acquisition and improvement of businesses, certificates to operate, licenses, in exceptional circumstances land and other business critical inputs and assets. No collateral, interest rate or repayment requirements are required.

What do you need to know to apply?

  • Only the selected SheTrades Gambia companies (Cohort I & II in Horticulture and Fashion) can apply.
  • Must provide a realistic business plan using the format indicated by the Mini-Grant Scheme.
  • Have some level of savings or commit to making regular savings in a financial service provider of her choice.
  • Provide a guarantor before funds can be disbursed to indicate that the funds will be used for the intended purpose. Failure to do so implicates in full refund.
  • Business plans that show high level of innovation will be an advantage.
  • See more in Appendix A on page 7 of the application form.

  • Fill in the attached application form.
  • Submit the application form per email or in person at the NACCUG office.
  • The minigrants committee meets to review all applications and pre-approve the grants.
  • Minigrants officer will schedule an on-sight visit with you for verification purposes.
  • You will get notified if you were successful around 2 months after submitting the complete application form.
  • Approved grantees submit invoices for the assets.

Where do you get the information?

Please stay updated on our social media channels and the whatsapp groups:

The SheTrades grant application form is be available on this website and here:

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact

  • MOTIE: Bakemo Janka bakemojanka2018@gmail.com
  • NACCUG: minigrantschemegambia@gmail.com