The Gambia: Activating Skills and Employment Opportunities Project will create income and employment opportunities for Gambians including returnees by fostering self-employment through access to finance, business development support and increasing employability through apprenticeships and on-the-job training. The scope of ITC’s technical assistance focuses on enhancing the financial and business development capacities of MSMEs, improving and formalizing apprenticeships for youth, and enhancing practical skills and cash-for-work opportunities. The target beneficiaries are the youth and women of The Gambia.

As part of the project activities, a formalized apprenticeship program in Tailoring and Garment Construction for 45 young Gambians will be rolled out. The apprenticeship consists of a work-based learning programme where apprentices learn on the job to develop the skills and knowledge to become professional tailors. The programme will last for eight months and during this time the apprentices will be hosted by a tailoring business and work onsite for them. By the end of the training, the apprentices will receive a nationally recognized certificate. To this background ITC seeks the service of a consultant to co-ordinate the tailoring apprenticeship pilot by supporting the apprentices and host business, ensuring consistent attendance, relevant training and development, monitoring, distribution of stipend, co-ordination of assessment and ongoing liaison with ITC. 

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