The EU-funded YEP Gambia project is partnering with ITAG and HackWeakEnd to tackle Healthcare sector problems through technology.

Coders, Industry Experts, Students and Tech Enthusiasts will all come together on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th April 2019 at Khamsys Technologies to explore the use of technology and to look at creative ways to solve issues related to improving the patient experience, promoting wellness, awareness & education and improving healthcare delivery & efficiency.

With the objective of Hacking the Problem, creating a solution, and Impacting the society, the Hackathon will address the seventeen following health-related issues:

  • Better post-acute rating and referral system
  • Better use of health tracking hardware
  • Real-time logistics tracking within the Hospital
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to the 911 - Ambulance
  • Care Coordination Technology for the Public Sector
  • Resident Scheduling and Communication Platform
  • A tool to manage medication reconciliation
  • Build Electronic Visit Verification 2.0
  • A telehealth platform for integrative medicine
  • Biosensors and Trackers
  • Health Marketplace
  • Disease Prevention, Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Health Inertia
  • Issues relating to workforce
  • Supplies Inventory Management
  • Structure of Health Services
  • Health Records

The Hackathon will also include a Python training to allow coding enthusiasts to further develop their software development skills. They will also be actively involved in the event.

The 1st prize winning team will be awarded a one-year Software License from JetBrains.

The two first winning teams will be awarded a monthly mentoring session by a leading ITAG company over a period of 6 months and will access the YEP Tech start-up support programme to benefit from the trainings to develop further their idea.

Other Prizes such as hardware devices, online paid training courses and cloud hosting services are currently being discussed. Stay tuned!

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