• Grants up to D50,000 to facilitate acquisition of equipment, materials, licenses and other business critical inputs and assets.
  • Grants are disbursed either as cash or as assets, but asset disbursements will be given priority where feasible.
  • No collateral, interest rate or repayment requirements.
  • Grantees receive financial literacy training to improve their capacity to save, exercise financial planning and separate their private funds from the funds of the business.
  • Grantees participate in annual experience sharing events to communicate results, success stories and best practices of the mini-grant scheme.



  1.  Must be a Gambian youth between 18 -35 years
  2. Must provide a solid business plan using the application form template.
  3.  Must have some level of savings or commit to making regular savings in a financial service provider of his or her choice.
  4. Must have received entrepreneurship or vocational training. Proof of attendance is required.
  5.  Must provide a guarantor before funds are disbursed to indicate that the grant will be used for the intended purpose. Failure of doing so implies that the amount of the grant will be refunded in full by the guarantor.
  6. Business must be registered by the time funds are disbursed.
  7. Business plan that shows high level of innovation will be an advantage.

How To Apply?

Application forms are available here 

or on: www.naccug.com and www.tekkifii.gm
Forms should be filled electronically, printed, signed, scanned and sent by email to: minigrantschemegambia@gmail.com

For youth in Central River, North Bank, Lower River, Upper River and West Coast regions, alternatively forms can be filled and submitted in the following offices:

  • NACCUG, Head Office in Kanifing
  • Credit Union Shared Branching Offices located in GTUCCU Regional Offices in Brikama, Soma, Basse, Brikama Ba and Farafenni
  • Jokadu District Credit Union (Kuntair)
  • Foni Kansala Cooperative Credit Union (Bwiam)
  • Foni Berefet credit union (Sususinjang)
  • Sabunyima Cooperative Credit Union (Bansang)
  • Kerewan Fangdema Cooperative Credit Union (Kerewan NBR)

Forms should be completed using clear legible handwriting in capital letters.


Jainaba Sabally Tel: +220 9490338
Foday Sanyang Tel: +220 9968850