The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, focusing on developing the export capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses in developing and transition economies. ITC is 100% "Aid for Trade", supporting trade that delivers inclusive and sustainable development results.

In close collaboration with the Government of the Republic of The Gambia, ITC is implementing several private sector development initiatives in The Gambia including the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), She-Trades Gambia, initiatives under the UN Peacebuilding fund and the Jobs Skills and Finance (JSF) Project. These initiatives take a market-driven approach to enhance employability and self-employment opportunities, foster growth and competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and boost value addition and market linkages.

The ‘Building resilience of vulnerable communities’ project is part of a larger UNDP led initiative that seeks to reduce economic and social vulnerability of the poor and marginalized populations affected by COVID-19 through green and eco-friendly community livelihood interventions. The project will implement community based social protection initiatives focusing on populations living around protected areas in North Bank Region, Central River Region and Lower River Region. The support will focus on generating and diversifying income opportunities related to beekeeping, poultry and arts & crafts.

Packaging is an essential determinant of the competitiveness of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Entrepreneurs and MSMEs in The Gambia continue to face bottlenecks in accessing affordable quality packaging materials and solutions, knowledge of packaging processes systems and related business support services.

The current TOR is to design and develop a pictorial packaging guide to optimize the utilization of the available written packaging training manuals. This visual packaging guide will complement the already existing packaging manual to facilitate knowledge sharing with entrepreneurs and farmers.

Download the terms of reference in the downloadables for more information.

Proposals should be submitted to ITC no later than 9 May 2022. Proposals can be sent via email to or with the subject “Visual Packaging Guide” or delivered as a hard copy to

International Trade Centre

Sait Matty Road, Bakau

The Gambia