Background Information

SheTrades in The Gambia is part of the global SheTrades initiative led by the International Trade Centre (ITC). The project is implemented by ITC under the leadership of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment and funded by ITC, the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID). It focuses on horticulture and textiles and garments value chains.

The objective of the SheTrades in The Gambia project is to enable Gambian women to benefit from economic participation. This will be achieved by increasing the participation of Gambian women entrepreneurs in trade. The project will also work towards establishing a conducive business environment and support ecosystem for women entrepreneurs. 

One of the key activities of the SheTrades Gambia Project work plan is to provide training on Bookkeeping and Financial Coaching to selected women entrepreneurs.

Description of Assignments

The objective of the training is to enhance the capacity of SheTrades Companies to understand bookkeeping, accounting standards, and be able to interpret financial information. The training will not only expose participants to various topics in relation to book keeping, financial literacy, and accounting standards, but it will also include a hand-on coaching component that will allow the participating women entrepreneurs to implement what they learnt during the training and to make tangible changes in their businesses..

Therefore, the Ministry of Trade is seeking the services of a proactive institution/ company/ individual to undertake the following trainings.

Training Topics
No. of participants
Time of Training
4x 1-day Bookkeeping and financial literacy training for 4 groups (1 day per group)
SheTrades Companies
Up to 82 in 4 groups (approx. 20 participants per group)
4 days in March (e.g. 19-22 Mar, exact dates to be agreed with selected provider)
One-on-one hands-on coaching on accounting and bookkeeping for entrepreneurs (2-3 sessions per company)
SheTrades Companies
March to June 2020


The Institution/Company/Individual will work under the direct guidance of the SheTrades National Coordinator and the project team, and under the overall supervision of the Project Manager of SheTrades Gambia.The institution must have at least four staff  Specifically he/she will perform the following tasks:

  • Prepare and submit a training proposal for conducting the training to SheTrades Companies, including a methodology for conducting the training and a training program;
  • Conduct training in accordance with the agreed proposal;
  • Use appropriate methodology and professionalism to train participants to achieve the desired training objectives identified;
  • Prepare appropriate training materials and/ or handouts and reference materials for the participants and
  • Prepare and submit an evaluation report after the trainings.

Specific Tasks

The service provider must cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to accounting principles;
  • Understanding and interpretation of financial statements;
  • How to implement  bookkeeping methods in their MSME

Qualification and Experience

  • Applicant must have at least a BSC in accounting, bookkeeping or related field from a recognized Institution ACCA will be an added advantage;
  • Applicant must have at least three years relevant work experience and
  • Good analytical and communication skills as well as basic computer skills
  • Experience providing advisory services to companies and/or experience providing training/coaching on bookkeeping, financial literacy, and accounting practices will be a distinct advantage.
  • Interested applicants can send hard copies of their training proposal to the Ministry of Trade or via email to Bakemo Janka,