1 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Training for Event Technicians (Sound, Stage & Lighting), Journalism (TV, Radio & Social Media) The Youth Empowerment Project in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and Black Lynx invites experienced Journalists and Event technicians to express interest to participate in Event Engineering (sound, stage & lighting) and Journalism (Radio, Print and TV & Social media) training aimed at developing the professional, technical and productive capacities of creative actors. The partnership will bring together international experts in the above fields to deliver two phase theory and hands on training aim at supporting the capacity development of a cohort Gambian professionals to enhance the compliance of technical services in listed areas to meet international standards. In addition to the training, successful participants will benefit from mentorship from top experts, practical training in selected event/activities, certification, engage to deliver further training, etc. Proposed Dates: Phase 1 training: Wednesday the 20th to Friday the 22nd of November 2019 Phase 2 training: December the 16 th to the 17th 2019 (event engineering) December the 9th to the 10th 2019 (journalism) Time: from 9:30 -18:00 pm Training Objectives  To support develop the skills of event engineers in stage, sound, lighting set up, and management to enhance the support capacity of events in the Gambia.  To create cohort of media journalists that are equip with skills to write, publish and feature creative content, events and services online, social media and newspapers.  Support TV and Radio broadcasters and technicians to be better equipped in providing coverage for national events, creative artists, products and services at an international standard.  To create a cohort of professionals as trainers to support and deliver trainings to aspiring youth.  Support the creation of employment and empowerment within the creative industry.  To reinforce the technical capacity of major event organizers in the Gambia enabling them to better coordinate and implement events that are able to attract the international market. Training Agenda: Day/Subject AM Content PM Content Day 1: Wednesday-20 Nov 2019 Event Engineering & Journalism  09:30-10:30 Opening remarks  10:00-12:00 Meeting of all participants, exposition of the concept, understanding elements of the event and overall value (cultural, socio-economical, e.g.)  12:00 -13:30 Lunch SPLIT GROUPS Journalism & Event Engineering  13:30-16:00- Event Engineering: Technical planning of setting up stage and lighting, Identifying the required technical elements based on event type and technical information  13:30-16:00- Journalism: Identifying target market, Understanding the requirements of the outlet/publisher  16:00 -16:30 – Break  16:30 -18:00 – Event Engineering: Safety and security: electrical safety instructions and proper cabling, system design and alignment, mixing live: organisation of signals and mixer setup  16:30 -18:00 - Splitting group journalism into sub-groups print, video, radio: Research, material procurement Technical skills for broadcasting, Developing publishable content, (back in plenum) Elements of social media use Day 2: Thursday – 21th Nov 2019 Event Engineering & Journalism  09:30-10:30 – Recap of the previous day  10:00-12:00 - Event Engineering: Communication skills: How to interact with artists and further parties.  10:00-12:00 - Journalism: Distribute topics among participants Write expose, plan work, Use of cameras, radio frequency set up, connecting to broadband, broadcasting in multichannels internationally SPLIT GROUPS INTO FOUR (4)  13:30-16:00- Practical Session for event technicians  13:30-16:00- Practical Session for Journalism  16:00 -16:30 – Break  16:30 -18:00 – Continuation of practical training /presentation Selection Criteria Applicants will be selected based the following:  Have experienced in the respective training area.  Willingness to work in the two selected events (FWG & OMF)  Have or are currently practicing in the respective training area  Ability to follow instructions  Commitment to participate in subsequent trainings  Availability to attend training on proposed dates and deliver assignments on deadlines set by trainers  Willingness to be a trainer and participate in the TVET eco-system for the creative industries  Be able to comprehend, speaks, and write in English WHO ARE YOUR TRAINERS: PROFILES AND EXPERIENCE Event Engineering (Light, Stage & Sound) Prof. Matthias Middelkamp: Is a sound engineer and acoustician. Educated at the Music Academy of Detmold, Germany, he specializes in the amplification of acoustic music, recording management and planning of concert halls and recording studios. From 1997, he built the recording studio of the Weimar Music Conservatory, which he ran for ten years. Since then, he has collaborated with numerous musicians, groups and producers, including Daniel Barenboim's "West - Eastern - Divan", Robert Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Nike Wagner and others. As a sound engineer, he cooperated in rock, pop, and classical music concerts. His recordings are published by major labels, including NAXOS and Sony Music. For years, he has been responsible for the sound quality of one of the biggest opera festivals in Germany. In addition, he is professor of sound engineering and acoustics at the "Hochschule der populären Künste" in Berlin where he conducts research projects, mainly in the field of room acoustics and new immersive listening systems. Mr. Aidara: Is recognized as one of the best sound engineer in Senegal. He has worked for many years at the Institute Francais befoer he started his own company Medialab. He is constantly on tour with important musicians form the Senegalese and international music scene. JOURNALISM-RADIO Johannes Theurer : Works as a music journalist for radio and print since 1979. His customers included about 40 newspapers and magazines and all German radio stations. Since 1998 he is staff at public service station 'Rundfunk BerlinBrandenburg' He is presenter & producer of the World Music radio show 'Dschungelfieber (since 1987)'. He was head of music in the radio channel "Radio Multikulti" (1994-2003), producing shows, features, live-events, festivals and various radio formats. He was responsible for his staff plus coaching interns & apprentices. He is a highly esteemed speaker at conferences and courses. Mr Theurer serves as the chairman of the World Music Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). He is founder and publisher of the monthly World Music Charts Europe (since 1991). He was co-director of World Music tradeshows&festivals. He is member of the World Music jury of 'Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik'; chair of 'Gesellschaft für traditionelle Musik Berlin'; frequent member of international and national jurys. Manager of EU-funded cultural projects; curator of the audio catalogue portal DISMARC, which is a music aggregation tool for the EUROPEANA portal.  12:00 -13:30 Lunch Day 3: Friday – 22th Nov 2019 Event Engineering & Journalism  09:30-10:30 –Recap of the previous day  10:00-12:00 Theory session for individual groups  12:00 -13:30 Lunch SPLIT GROUPS INTO FOUR (4)  13:30-16:00- Practical Session for event technicians  13:30-16:00- Practical Session for Journalism  16:00 -16:30 – Break  16:30 -17:00 –Review  17:00 -18:00 – Closing session-assignments Training Round 2: Dec. 9th – 10th Journalism with Journal Rappé Dec. 16th - 17 2019 Event Technicians & Journalism  Event Engineering continues with more practical training and hands-on experiences  Journalist will have the chance to see all details behind and work with the founders of the Journal Rappé  Hands on assessment in an identified event  Final assessment/practical during Open Mic 3 Keyti and Xuman: Founders of Journal Rappé JOURNALISM PRINT Martin Gordon: He began his career as a musician in 1973. Diversifying into music technology and studying anthropology, in 1990 he began to write for publication on music and music-related issues. He wrote for the Independent, the Telegraph, Mojo, Folk Roots, Songlines, Sound-on-Sound, Songlines and the Mix among many others. In 1994, whilst continuing to write, he also began working with multi-cultural NGOs such as the Music Village, Der Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Commonwealth Institute and the British Council, and at the same time began writing for record companies and information agencies, writing artist biographies and press releases. He wrote English language reviews for the World Music Chart Europe between 2010 and 2017, and continues in this vein today, managing European Union-funded cultural heritage projects, dealing with management and communication issues and writing innumerable reports. JOURNALISM VIDEO Vanessa Klüber: She is an A List multimedia journalist and videographer. She develops formats for web and social media in the public service station „Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg“. She does live reporting on various social media platforms and is an expert in shooting videos with VJ cameras and as a mobile reporter. In the process of video production, Mrs. Klüber daily works in the field of creating storyboards, shooting, editing and publishing. She produced video, audio and text for media stations like Deutsche Welle and Spiegel Online. In Ghana she has been working für the Ghanaian NGO „Center for Democratic Development“, in Rwanda and in Burundi she has produced a documentary on a theatre for peace project (Badilika) by Eirene with participants from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. Application Form-Training for Event Technicians (Sound, Stage & Lighting), Journalism (TV, Radio & Social Media) Deadline for submission of applications is Monday November 13th 2019 Please apply online using on this link https://forms.gle/4pVNkMdCkrpGiu9LA or the link sent to you email Inquiries and Application Process For more information or to submit the attached expression of interest application, please contact: Ms. Panneh Ngoneh Isatou Jallow Youth Empowerment Project Youth Empowerment Project Email: pngoneh@intracen.org Email: Ijallow@intracen.org Phone: +220 3864646 Phone : 2420341 Application Form Name of Applicant: Type of Training: Technical Event Production Journalism Print Journalism TV & Social Media Journalism Radio Current Job/Employer Name: Title/position: E-mail: Phone: Type of Equipment Use for work Please tick as application and underline type of equipment Laptop (type) Ipad, tablet, Smart Phone Camera /video /Voice record Production studio Other-Please specify…………………………………………………….. How many years have you been engage as a technician/Journalist? Please give an example of an event, activity, publication you have successfully worked on, manage, organized or been actively involved and outline your role or type of responsibilities you had? List the main professional trainings you have done and level attained in your field. List 3 main technical, skills or capacity challenges you face in your daily job. What are your expectations from this training? 5 Please describe how this training will add value to your business, current job or professional growth

To apply: https://forms.gle/4pVNkMdCkrpGiu9LA