The International Trade Centre (ITC) through the European Union (EU) funded Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) seeks reputable training institutions and service providers with proven capacity to express interest to offer training in Music Production and Management. 

ITC through YEP in partnership with NAQAA and industry experts developed and validated a national standard and curriculum in Music Production and Management to support skills development. The training curriculum is a nine (9) month program constituting of six (6) months of theory and three (3) months of internship. The program is part of the identified TVET interventions in the Plan of Action of the Youth and Trade Roadmap for The Gambia’s Creative Industries (2020-2024). The Roadmap was developed and launched by industry stakeholders under the guidance of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the National Centre for Arts and Culture and industry stakeholders. 

Through the “Music Production and Management program”, YEP sets out to build marketable skills of young Gambians. The scope of the call focuses specifically on Music Production and Management training, in order to improve the employability prospects of Gambian youth, increase market opportunities and improve standards of music products and services within and outside of the domestic market.

Interested training providers are requested to submit a proposal (technical and financial) and all required documents by October 3rd 2021 – 11 pm GMT to Ms Ngoneh Panneh via email: and