The International Trade Center(ITC) in collaboration with the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) is offering a free online course on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Management. This course will explores effective ways in which TVET institutions can leverage the expertise of employers and other local stakeholders such as government institutions, trade unions, or even former students to ensure that their training courses actually help their graduates find work.

After successful completion of the course participants will have competence in the following areas;

  • Identify and Analyse Labour Market Needs
  • Involving Employers and Other Stakeholders in Developing Training Program; and
  • Delivering Course in Collaboration with Employers and Other Stakeholders.

The course will commence 20th April 2020

Who can do the course?

Qualified people can apply as individuals or as an institution, based on the criteria below:

  • head of TVET Institutions and Senior lecturers or part of the Management.
  • have proven experience and skills in teaching and/or training (at least a year experience in training youths in TVET institutions).
  • Have proficiency in the English language;
  • you have the support/approval of your institution;
  • be available and commited to do four hours online webinars over two weeks

How do I apply?

All interest aplicants or institutions  are required to fill the google application form

 click the link è

For additional Information please contact,  or

All applications should be submitted on or before 15th April 2020 by 12.00pm