As the premier TVET institution in The Gambia, GTTI draws on its mandate to provide technical and vocational skills training to address existing skills gaps and expedite national development. Within this context, the tracer survey draws impetus from the NDP 2018-2021 to promote youth participation in TVET. The objectives of this tracer study are to measure the labour market outcomes of 2015-2016 GTTI graduates, assess the effectiveness of GTTI’s training programmes, understand the employability of graduates, and evaluate how access, quality and relevance of TVET contribute to graduate employability thereby informing the design of future training programmes.

The findings indicate a graduate employment rate of 57.9%.The implication of this therefore, is that graduate unemployment is in the double digits. This situation challenges the quality of the training inputs and by extension the employability of graduates and the effectiveness of the training programmes. However, the assessment of the effectiveness of GTTI training programmes facilitated the understanding that their overall effectiveness is located within the “average to good rating” range. This outlook notwithstanding, the quality of learning materials, availability and quality of technical equipment and work-based experience of teaching staff emerged as areas and inputs that require immediate quality improvements.

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