With the strong desire to succeed and live a better life, Modou Korka took the irregular route to Europe to seek greener pasture. His journey stopped at Morocco where he was forced to use his skills for survival. With the endless hardship and the daily struggle to survive in a foreign land, Modou decided to come back to The Gambia and give his dreams one more shot.

Modou currently manages two barbershops called “China man Barbershop” in Bakau where he earns a living, trains and employs other young people and takes care of his family needs. He started barbing in school, fell in love with art, and explored ways and means to better himself in this area.

As a beneficiary of the Youth Empowerment Project Andandorr programme, Modou has developed skills to support the management and growth of his business. When reflecting on his Andandorr journey, he said “through this programme, I have learnt better ways to manage my business and maintain a standard record of my earnings. It has given me room to network with other professionals and realise my ambitious dreams”.

Modou believes in hard work and his goal in life is to support young people in his community with transferable skills and knowledge they can explore to realise their potentials. He said “my dream is to turn around and see young people of Bakau doing something and living decent lives. Through my business, I am working to achieve this by training and employing as many young people as I can. I strongly believe that development cannot happen with the majority of the population still struggling for daily survival”. When asked what his message to young people is he said “I want every young person to believe in themselves. To explore their talents and strive to be better at everything they do”.

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