This project embraces the data collection, database maintenance and reporting for the three projects mentioned above. ITC Gambia is looking for a Contractor to carry out the following services:  Data collection: Carry out baseline and follow-up data collection on company and individual beneficiaries of ITC projects in The Gambia;  Databases: Compile complete databases of individual and company beneficiaries including baseline and follow-up data;  Reporting: Provide inputs for regular and ad-hoc reporting on the progress of the projects; 

The ITC Gambia Data Collection Methodology 3.1.Data Collection Framework Monitoring and evaluation is a key component to all ITC projects in The Gambia. The ITC Gambia Monitoring and Evaluation team consists of team members of the different ITC-implemented projects and is responsible for tracking results across projects and monitoring progress towards intended outcomes. As part of the monitoring and evaluation framework of ITC in The Gambia, data is being collected on all beneficiaries, importantly individuals participating in trainings and related activities, and companies benefitting from support, on a regular basis. This data is then used for results based management and reporting on the projects to donors and national stakeholders. 

3.2.Data Collection Objectives Through the ongoing data collection, ITC aims to systematically capture information on all supported individuals and companies, track repeat beneficiaries who have benefitted from several forms of support under the same or different projects, and monitor the outcomes of support on individuals and companies, importantly in terms of job creation and income/revenue changes. Within the 12 months of the contract duration, baseline data needs to be collected on approx. 3,500 individual beneficiaries and approx. 700 companies and follow-up surveys need to be carried out with approx. 1,000 individuals and 200 enterprises to capture their progress due to ITC interventions.