The Youth Pavilion will offer discounted stalls to youth-owned businesses to exhibit and sell their products and services. Interested youth-owned businesses can apply for a standard stall (3m x 3m) for GMD 1200 or a space at a shared space for GMD 600 at the Pavilion (90% discount).

Criteria / Eligibility:

  • Age (15 – 35)
  • Formal Business Registration
  • Evidence of record/book keeping
  • 10% contribution to the rental of the space (transporting table/ chairs/shelves etc. to fair grounds)
  • Product visualization and evidence of ownership
  • Submission of duly filled application form prior to deadline
  • Preference will be given to first-time applicants


  • Pre-fair training
  • Meeting with key Business Leaders (One-on-one with CEOs)
  • Marketing / branding support
  • Participation in the Youth Day
  • Networking Sessions (Speed networking and B2Bs)
  • Special media coverage (radio and television)

Training Modules:

  • Marketing – Sales & Inventory, Pricing, Product development, Customer Service
  • Presentation skills
  • Trade Fair preparation

Required Documents:

  • ID Card/ or Birth certificate
  • Business registration certificate
  • Sample of Sales/Purchase day books

Please fill the application form below and submit all required documents to  or hand deliver to our main office at Kerr Jula, Bijilo.

Contact: 4461450

Deadline for submission: 27 February 2019

All participants will be required to fill out a pre/post-fair survey