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Training of Trainers on Design Thinking 2021

Ends January 24th

Are you a youth? Are you passionate about entrepreneurship development, and creating wealth for the new Gambia? Enroll now in the training of trainers’ course on design thinking. The five (5) day course will be conducted in February 2021. Startup Incubator Gambia (SIG) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) are partnering under the EU-Funded Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) and invite ideal can...

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Startup Incubator (SIG)

Design Thinking Expert

Ends January 22nd

The candidate will work with a national implementing partner, Startup Incubator Gambia (SIG), to provide a step-down training and certification on Design Thinking methodology for young and women leaders in The Gambia. Candidates for the position should have at least a post-graduate degree in Art, Social Sciences, Design, Innovation, or a related field, with eight (8) or more years of prior experie...

ITC Job offer: Driver

The Gambia (Bakau)

Begins December 21st

Ends January 15th

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International Trade Centre

Andandorr Investment Readiness Programme

Ends January 10th

The Andandorr Investment Readiness Programme is a joint initiative between the Gambia Angel Investors Network (GAIN) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) under the EU-Funded Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) and SheTrades Gambia project to equip high growth entrepreneurs with investment readiness skillsets. The objective of the programme is to accelerate the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Ent...

Horticulture Market Linkages Consultant

Ends January 03rd

The consultant will work in close collaboration with the SheTrades Gambia team at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) to establish and strengthen market linkages between women horticultural farmers and buyers. Key groups of buyers include exporters, the Gambian tourism sector, procurement officers, onion importers, as well as other domestic buyers. In addit...

Bakoteh Skills Centre Refurbishment


Ends September 20th

ITC invites interested bidders to submit quotation for the refurbishment and construction of the following: - Hall (training room refurbishment) and Production room (construction) in Bakoteh, KMC – The Gambia.

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International Trade Centre



Begins September 06th

Ends September 15th

As part of our objectives to support capacity development, innovation, creativity and create international market linkages in fashion, weaving and garment industry, the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in partnership with SheTrades Gambia will support strong candidates in the weaving sub-sector and fashion design to participate on a study tour to Ethiopia and attend SheTrades Global. The objective...

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Technical Advisor & Coordinator, Skills development


Ends September 16th

ITC is looking for a Technical Adviser and Coordinator to work on the “Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for Women and Youth in The Gambia” Programme.

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International Trade Centre (ITC)


Ends September 15th

The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) are inviting women-owned businesses in the fashion & textile and horticulture & related sectors to apply to be part of the second cohort to be selected in 2019 to benefit from support packages in 2019 and 2020. SUPPORT PROGRAMME The support programme will include: • Tailored...

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Ends September 30th

NATIONAL YOUTH AGRIBUSINESS AND TOURISM EXPO 2.0 The Gambia has a host of enterprising youth entrepreneurs in diverse sectors of the economy all around the country. In line with GYCC strategic plan 2017-2020, Youth Empowerment Project objective (YEP 2017 -2020), to tackle the economic root cause of irregular migration through increase job opportunity and income prospect for Youth, The German agen...

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National Consultancy - Independent Midterm Evaluation of the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in The Gambia


Ends July 19th

The Independent Evaluation Unit of ITC (IEU) plans to conduct a midterm evaluation of the ITC its ‘Youth Empowerment Project in The Gambia’. The purpose of this call for expression of interest is to identify a qualified national evaluation consultant to conduct this midterm project evaluation. Therefore, individuals are invited to apply for this assignment.

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Tender for the Youth Centers Refurbishment.

Farafenni & Janjangbureh

Ends July 22nd

The ITC invites tenders for the Youth Centers Refurbishment in Farafenni & Janjangbureh. Youth Centres are spaces that act as catalysts for social cohesion in many ways. First, they are a community hub and platform in which youth and children can network and express their views on issues affecting them. Second, they can offer thematic programmes in areas relevant to the youth (e.g. Health, ICT, En...

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Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Information Technology (ELIT2019) 4th Edition National Youth Summer Camp

Basse, Upper River Region (URR)

Ends July 15th

The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) and the International Trade Center (ITC) in partnership through the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) invite interested candidates to participate in The Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Information Technology (ELIT 2019) National Youth Summer Camp. This opportunity will allow young people to acquire relevant knowledge and skills to start and successfully ma...

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Technical Vocational Education Training - National Youth Council (NYC)

Ends June 24th

The National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with the German Development Agency GIZ, GTTI, GTMI, PIA, Ida’s Ideas Fashion & Design Training Institute, Vicky’s Training and Skills Centre, Chamen Training Institute and Sterling Consortium are inviting applications for a fully funded Technical Vocational Education Training (TVETs) for youths in Greater Banjul Area (GBA).

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National Youth Council (NYC)

Skills For Youth Employment Fund EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI)

Ends June 30th

ITC is implementing The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), which is a four-year project launched in 2017 that aims at supporting youth employment and entrepreneurship to address the economic root causes of irregular migration. It is funded by the European Union (EU) Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. In addition, ITC is also implementing the Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for Women and Youth...

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Ends June 14th

The entrepreneurship component of the project supports self-employment and job creation among youth through business skills training and entrepreneurship support programmes. YEP partners with Gambian Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and strengthens their capacity to provide training and advisory services to youth entrepreneurs and overall support to support competitiveness and growth of youth...

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ToR Website Development - Youth Services Directory

The Gambia

Ends June 25th

The International Trade Centre is looking for a service provider that can develop an online platform to be known as “Youth Services Directory” which provides an overview of different training, learning and business opportunities for young Gambians offered by different national and international partners.

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Application for Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) Production and Use

Bansang & Janjangbureh

Ends June 14th

The Earth Builders Association, in collaboration with the Startup Incubator Gambia and the International Trade Centre (headquarters in Geneva) under the auspices of the EU-Gambia Government Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), are inviting applications for a scholarship for Gambian youths to pursue employability skills development training in compressed stabilised earth blocks (CSEB):

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Earth Builders Association & StartUp Incubator

DEADLINE EXTENDED National Consultant – ITAG Strategic Plan

Ends June 09th

As a part of the YEP Tech component under The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project, ITAG, the Gambian IT sector association, is being supported in its institutional development. In the framework of this intervention, a benchmarking self-assessment and a PIRM (Performance Improvement Road Map) have been completed, and they identify a need to strengthen the capacity of the association to assess the...

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